Friday, January 23 – The Breath of Mind

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23 Jun Friday, January 23 – The Breath of Mind

Friday, January 23 – The Breath of Mind, 6 PM
A shot in the arm: lets oppose pseudoscience to school
Presentation of the meetings
Science and Pseudoscience: a series of meetings dedicated to learning and false myths

A series of three meetings organized in collaboration with Prof. Sergio Della Sala, based on the difference between Science and Pseudoscience, with a particular focus on schooling. The serie will have as its theme the oxygen as fuel brain.

The first meeting by Prof. Silvano Fuso,  titled “Breathing, calcination, burning. The chemical revolution of Lavoisier“, talks about the discovery of oxygen, through the experiments of Lavoisier, who was the first to process a general theory on breathing, burning and oxidation of metals.

The second appointment is focused on the ways in which brain uses oxygen for its functions, with “Better not trust the mind“, with Professor Sergio Della Sala.

In conclusion  Prof.ssa Daniela Lucangeli will explain the recent researches of cognitive psychology, with a focus on numerical intelligence, with “The numerical intelligence is not an utopia”.


Sergio Della Sala is Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience in the University of Edimbourg, where he lives. Is brench is the cognitive neuropsychology, which studies the relations between brain and behaviour. He has published more than 500 sperimental papers and books on memory and its affections. He has received the prize Tam Dalyell per “Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science”.


Friday, February 20 , 6 PMBreathing, calcination, burning. The chemical revolution of Lavoisier
Saturday, March 7, 3 PMBetter not trust the mind
- Thursday, March 19  6PMThe numerical intelligence is not a utopia

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