Every Saturday: The Breath of Listening

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24 Jun Every Saturday: The Breath of Listening

Oxy.gen is waiting for you every Saturday with The Breath of Listening: the review of narratives for children up to 3 years old.

February 7 2015

Piffero, the peaceful warrior – La Compagnia del Piffero

Piffero is a strange warrior: despite he is good, he wants to scare sombody once in his life but he can’t find somebody that is able to make him angry. Neither the catty elf Ti is capable to turn Piffero into a bad moode. But one day Ti, with a trick, manages to convince Piffero to face his fear and finally he scares an enemy.


February 14 2015

Three histories on the moon – Teatro del Vento

A round moon, good to eat, a moon to tale a story about a little girl, a magic fountain, 33 thieves and the village who found his water.
A magic moon that makes fall in love Giuliet, a green little frog and Romeo.


February 28 2015

Magic Salt- La Grande Compagnia del Mago Barnaba

Mago Barnaba is a muddler magician, he never knows how and where to start his magic games. His sleights of hand don’t work but fortunately he has a tool that nobody has: the Magic Salt.

This talisman was given to him by his friend, the magician Jasper. Thanks to the Magic Salt and the children’s help, his magic tricks start to work.


March 8 2015

Little Red Riding Hood – Le fiabe di Giorgio

Once upon a time there was a little girl loved by everyone, especially by her grandmother who didn’t know what to give as a present to the nephew. Once she gave to her a red coat , the little girl was so delighted by that gift that started to wear everyday the cloak, since was named Little Red Riding Hood.


March 14 2015

Petals, perfumes, passion – La Mosca che Ronza

How can a little seed become a flower? Who knows what happens in the soil when the spring begins! The farmer Cesira will tell the story…


March 21 2015

The Donkey – Grimm Brothers - Centro Studi Politeama, Arte Terapia Onlus

Once upon a time there were a king and queen, who were rich and had everything they wanted, but  no children. One day their wish was fulfilled but …


March 28 2015

Music and Magic, with Master Davide Baldi and Mago Barnaba – La Grande Compagnia del Mago Barnaba

Master Baldi and Mago Barnaba, disappointed after a disastrous audition, try to get back themselves. Despite the argues, thanks to musica and magic, they will overcome their problems.


April 11 2015

Tales to music – Teatrino Teatrò


April 18 2015

Misaki History


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